Se-Brazil lightning & illuminating pads

Se-Brazil lightning & illuminating pads

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These pads help to lighten bikini area, underarms, elbows, knees, scaring.. etc
Directions: Use after thorough cleansing of the skin with the Se-Brazil Illuminating Enzyme Scrub/ or a recommended scrub or cleanser. Apply pre-soaked serum pad onto the skin. Can be used every other day until change is noticeable in that area. Avoid eye contact and area.

This active blend of natural fruit acids contains bilberry extract (citric acid), sugar cane (glycolic acid), sugar maple (glycolic acid), orange extract (citric acid) lemon extract (citric acid) and willow bark extract (salicylic acid).  This serum maximizes cell renewal and brightening effect in the skin with minimal risk of irritation and great results.



    A brightening serum pad used every other day to help illuminate and brighten skin.


    Can not refund opened container. 

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